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Pathology Services

Enquiries, Comments and Complaints

We want to ensure that we are aware of any issues that you may have and that they are investigated and resolved appropriately.

Please contact us using the enquiry form below and we will investigate every reported issue.

For all Pathology result enquiries, please contact Pathology Service Desk via email or call Tel: 0300 303 5299

Immunology clinical advice can be obtained via

Patient or test result information should only be sent using a secure platform.

In order to resolve any queries we will need the following information:

  • The patient’s NHS number
  • Date the sample was ordered
  • Name of the test ordered
  • Which service area (Microbiology, Clinical Blood Sciences, Cellular Pathology)
  • Which Medical Practice/Ward you are from

This will allow each query to be logged and allocated to a named individual for investigation.

Any test results requested from outside East Suffolk North Essex Trust will not be sent via the electronic links these will need to be requested by the clinician directly to Pathology Customer Service Desk.

Our Information Governance and Patient Confidentiality policy means we are unable to provide any clinical information or results to anyone other than the requesting clinician/healthcare professional.

Pathology Consumables

If you have any queries about pathology consumables please complete the enquiry form below (selecting ‘consumables’ as the enquiry type)

Phone Number: 0300 303 5299

Courier Service

Our courier services provider is EMED. If you have any queries or have an issue that you need resolved, Please call 0300 303 5299  (between hours of 8am to 5pm Mon – Fri);

IT Enquiries

If you have any IT queries please complete the below form, being sure to include the below information;

  • Location
  • Device type/asset number (if applicable)
  • Software/system Name

Results and Clinical Advice

Our laboratory services are divided into five disciplines:

  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Clinical Haematology
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Microbiology
  • Cellular Pathology

Most results are available electronically, but if you require assistance or clinical advice please call the Pathology Customer Service Desk and your request will be transferred to the appropriate clinician.

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