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Trimethylamine – 24h Urine (Fish Odour Syndrome)


Hospital or GP.

Sample container

All Colchester & Ipswich samples: Acid 24hr Urine Collection Container 2.5L. Min vol: 20ml.


All Colchester & Ipswich samples: Sheffield.


If odours are intermittent, collect sample at time of odour. Loading with foods known to produce the odour may be necessary. Suggested loading procedure: High choline meal containing, for example, 2 eggs and 400g baked beans/soya beans.

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Biochemistry Laboratory at Colchester achieve ISO 15189 Accreditation

The Biochemistry Laboratory at Colchester underwent an Assessment from UKAS for ISO 15189 Accreditation in December 2022. This was a process that started in April 2019 and the Department have worked hard to pass this Assessment and have now been granted accreditation, the 1st Pathology Laboratory at Colchester to achieve this accolade. What does ISO […]

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EMED Group (ERS) Launches New EV

New EV Electric Van Launched Within ESNEFT ERS Medical are now using a selection of ‘zero emissions’ vehicles, for transportation of Pathology supplies and samples within the ESNEFT support services. A fantastic addition to the fleet to help improve our overall approach to reducing our Carbon footprint.

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Sample and request form labelling

Blood Sciences and Microbiology Standards for labelling

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Blood Sciences Combined Form For Colchester

Combined form is now standard practice for Colchester. For any questions please contact

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