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Goodbye & Good Luck to two of our ESNEFT Pathology Colleagues

Recently, we have said a fond farewell to two extremely valued ESNEFT Pathology Colleagues, who have moved onto pastures new. Lynn Partridge and Sue Sawyer worked for ESNEFT for a number of years sharing their experience and knowledge across the Trust.

Lynn Partridge, Histopathology Service Lead, played an integral role in developing the Histopathology department into the innovative pioneer it is today, alongside her hardworking and dedicated colleagues. Lynn holds a wealth of knowledge surrounding all lab elements, and has ensured this is passed down to our new Histopathology Service Lead, Chris Gratze. Chris has been a great addition to the Pathology Service Lead Team, bringing a treasure chest of knowledge to the table with his Quality background and will continue to grow the department. Lynn will continue to work within ESNEFT and return from her retirement to join the Histopathology laboratory bench.

Susan Sawyer, Pathology PA, worked across the department for a number of years, ensuring all communications were effectively and efficiently passed to the large Pathology Network ESNEFT holds. In addition to this, her role included being a right hand for the Pathology Head of Operations, assisting with any tasks that were required. Zoe Hearne has now taken over this role, and continues to provide a wealth of professionalism and expertise. Sue was a valuable asset to the Pathology Team and will be dearly missed by all. We wish Sue all the best with her retirement and the next chapter of her life.