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Frequently Asked Questions

Any test results requested from outside East Suffolk North Essex Trust will not be sent via the electronic links these will need to be requested by the clinician directly to Pathology Customer Service Desk.

It is our strict policy that we must not discuss patient information directly with patients or their relatives.

If a result or clinical information is required it must come from the GP practice/hospital or Clinician.  

Our Information Governance and Patient Confidentiality protocols have been set for the safety for all staff and patients concerned.

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How do I obtain access to ESNEFT ICE ?

Pathology Service + -

You cannot request your own access to ICE this will need to come from your Practice Manager, Clinical Manager or authorised person, they will need to complete an application and email directly to Pathology Customer Service Desk where the application will be processed.

ICE has instructed a call to the laboratory is this required.

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This is usually an indication that the sample bottle requirement needs to be checked or clinical details need to be advised to the laboratory, the call handlers at the Pathology Service Desk will ask questions to determine what information is required please call 03003035299.

Where can I obtain a blood test?

Pathology Service + -

For more information on blood tests for patients, click here.

How do I arrange a private blood test?

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If you already have your forms/kit, you will need to arrange payment for the blood test. Please call 0300 303 5299 for the details. We will also be able to set up the appointment at one of the Phlebotomy clinics.

Where can I get Pathology results from

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Our Information Governance and Patient Confidentiality policy means we are unable to provide any clinical information or results to anyone other than the requesting clinician/healthcare professional.

Please refer back to your healthcare professional who is looking after your care.